While LCC is not a church choir, and our members represent diverse spiritual and religious backgrounds, we strive to achieve the unique, unified sound that is characteristic of the sacred choral tradition. We've found some descriptions of that sound:

“Sung with dignity and an organ-like beauty of tone. Well-balanced parts, precision of detail and unity of effect were notable achievements. Sung as one voice and achieving the beautifully colored shading and effect possible on an organ. The singers responded with such instant unity to the baton that a delightful finish and clear-cut phrasing are made possible.”
“Extraordinarily pure sound with exquisite pianissimos and truly full-toned singing with power and body. A virtuoso ‘laying’ on the choir as one would on a precious instrument.”
“Remarkable finesse in matters of diction, phrasing, balance and intonation. Vocal blend had a silken sheen, and stylistic perception ranging unfailingly over 350 years of music.”
“A sound with ringing clarity.”

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